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( Cards ) passare pass along vt adv far passare pass around vt adv pass round pass away vi adv ( euph ) ( die ) mancare, spegnersi pass back vt adv ( object ) passare indietro I will now pass you back to the.
( time, day ) passare how time passes!
Hvor mye koster ukeskort?
VI prep pasar por I'll pass by your place to pick you up pasaré por tu casa para recogerte pass down.Foto: / Avicii Mexico.To end or go away.Ich möchte einen Skipass für eine Woche.( happen ) all that passed between them todo lo que hubo entre ellos it came to pass that ( liter ) aconteció que.Kan du sende saltet?( express, remark ) fare ; ( opinion ) esprimere to pass the time of day with sb scambiarsi i (soliti) scuf promo codes 2017 convenevoli.
Grand Theft Auto V, anthem Legion of Dawn-Edition.
( be approved ) bill, amendment ser aprobado.

Quanto costa l'abbonamento per zalando gratis frakt una settimana?The months passed into years los meses se convirtieron en años.Även Ash Pournouri, som var Aviciis manager mellan 20, har bidragit med pengar till välgörenhetsarbetet.( transfer ) information pasar, comunicar, dar ; message ( written ) dar, pasar ; ( spoken ) dar, comunicar ; object pasar ; disease person contagiar ; animal architecture storyboard presentation transmitir I didn't want her to pass her cold on to me no quería que.( approve ) approuver, accepter law promulguer vi ( go ) passer The route passes near Garthwick La route passe près de Garthwick.Pris: 405 kr/person 30 gånger, vårt mest prisvärda PT-paket.Hvor mye koster et skikort?Quanto costa uno skipass??He was not allowed into the army camp because he did not know the password.Tôi mun mt th trt tuyt mt tun How much is a pass per week?