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BlackBerry KeyOne Rating : Battery test score: 08:26 Battery size: 3505mAh With the same battery score as the Xperia XA2, the KeyOne is vinn one of two BlackBerry phones in the chart.
As well as the Geekbench test, we also confirm with real-world use that these phones had excellent battery life that lasts throughout a day of use and beyond.
Phones and therefore batteries are pretty small!Köp alla tillbehör du behöver till din iPhone i iPhoneButiken.This example is a very good screen on time and that phone will last a very long time in real world use, most likely over a day's use.This is down to the efficient processor, Android Oreo and a lower resolution screen than high-end phones.Giltig till: Tillsvidare, gå till butik, members Erbjudande 50 kr rabatt när du tipsar en vän.Expensive high-end phones often are faster and have better screens, but this will mean the battery life is normally shorter.

Giltig till: Tillsvidare, gå till butik, senaste kontroll:.The star scores here are the scores we gave the phone overall in the original review, not star rating scores for battery life.Biltillbehör, trådlösa telefoner, kablar och adaptrar, ljud bild.The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is not only one of the phones of the year but the current phone we've tested with the best battery life.You do sacrifice performance, but if you want a cheap smartphone with the longest lasting battery, this.Oppo RX17 Pro Rating : Battery test score: 08:57 Battery size: 3700mAh Not officially yet available in the UK but on sale in Europe, the Oppo RX17 Pro has outstanding battery life coupled with the fastest charging on any phone we've ever tested.

It lasts for two days with medium heavy use, gets great security updates and stands out from the crowd.
Kom ihåg att du ofta kan få dina produkter till ett bättre pris om du använder en iPhonebutiken rabattkod.
Which phones have the best battery life?