Present and past perfect tense

present and past perfect tense

What exams have you passed What have exams you passed What did you passed Are you passed Correct Incorrect Question 44 of 44?
Move have moved moved has moved Correct Incorrect Question 23 of 44 My father retired last year.You have spoken Have you spoken Did you spoken You did spoken Correct Incorrect Question 36 of 44 No,.He had driven nearly 1,000 kilometers without a break.He did not go to lunch an hour ago?Is walking was walking walked were walking Correct Incorrect Question 37 of 44 I him for several weeks and I wondered what he was doing.Hence you can not start it again.From the Spanish colony of Peru in South America, potatoes were taken to Spain as food for sailors.Of visiting China for many years.Practice the Perfect Tenses, fill in the blanks in the paragraphs below using the past participles (or past participle present participle: been _ing) listed above each group of paragraphs.For more information on crops that come from the Americas (as well as crops originating in the Old World) see this Simple English Wikipedia article on the Columbian Exchange.By the 16th century the Spanish had brought them to Europe, and by the 1840s they had become essential in the diet of Irish peasants.

People in Ireland and other parts of Europe had never even _ a potato until the late 16th or early 17th centuries, years after the Spanish conquest of Peru.Then yesterday he was offered two jobs.Many more varieties are descargar peliculas gratis en español latino sin registrarse available now, and potatoes are a major crop in much of the world.Has writted writes has been writing wrote Correct Incorrect Question 4 of 44 The police sergeant.Researchers have _ _with the farmers of the Andes to ensure biodiversity.It difficult to get up this morning.They are easier to grow and prepare, and they provide more food value- a higher percentage of calories- from a small amount of land than any other major food crop.
Had been provided provided provides have provided Correct Incorrect Question 16 of 44 My father helped to run an engineering firm that.