Present vs present

present vs present

What _you do) in your free time?
BOD usually takes 5 days and TOC used to require large expensive pieces of equipment that could measure the sample in minutes, but was cost prohibitive.
Que pred2 depuis with imperfect prep1 depuis, pendant, pour: 'for' pro10 indefinite pronouns gratis winzip program pro11 demonstrative pronouns pro12 possessive pronouns pro2 subject pronouns pro3 c'est vs il/elle est pro4 disjunctive pronouns pro5 direct object pronouns pro6 pronoun y pro7 pronoun en pro8 indirect object pronouns pro9.O yüzden özneden sonra esas fiilden önce gelecek.Steven has wrote a new book.Well, I guess it is really important to know these terms, with wastewater training to know how and where I sample my system as well as who runs the tests.COD is usually a measurement of chemicals and the test is simple and easy to perform with the right equipment and can be done in 2 hours.
The combustion method measures total carbon (TC).

Cry cries try tries study studies, dier çou fiile sadece -s taks gelir.Some analyzers use a combination or mixture of technology.It is of limited use in industrial wastewaters containing heavy metal ions, cyanides, and other substances that may be toxic to the microorganisms.Pas (don't, not) alternate forms (1) :.Bien/mieux adj9 participles as adjectives adv2 adverbs: formation and placement adv3 placement of adverbs with passé composé adv4 comparative and superlative of adverbs adv5 -il y a, ago adv6 tôt, tard, en avance, en retard, à l'heure characters cast of characters con2 coordinating conjunctions con3.Ahmet doesnt play football.
Have you seen him before?

Personne (nobody, no one).
Sewage was dumped in a river and it took five days for it to reach the ocean, hence the five-day incubation requirement in the BOD method.