Simple present exercises

She / film porno gratis not do / any school work / Monday.
How long have they worked in a shop?
They live in Kongo.
Im so happy now!They _ (live) in Miami for two years.Does Peter play tennis?We have got a new car for two weeks.Gone to a concert?

Has Zork eaten a hamburger?She / have / a red nose / three days.She has had a red nose for three days.Advertisements, andy sometimes comics.How long have you got a new car.Auxiliar DO/does sujeto verbo (sin la marca -s de la 3ra persona del singular).Were going to Ireland.(which cars is the subject but: Who do you know?Does she ever help you?Kate has been in bed for a long time.

Excepciones: Cuando el infinitivo acaba en consonante y, se tiene que cambiar la y por una i y añadir -es: try tries; cry cries; fly flies.
They are not here.