Tvålar present

Jack is talking on the different present tenses phone at the moment.
EnglishThere is the idea of business as usual, that the future will be like the present, just more.
Shes not listening.My son is getting better at playing the guitar.Hes living with his mother until he finds an apartment.Are you working on any special projects at work?EnglishAnd there's many many more pathogens that are present in gratis bilder blommor these animals.EnglishAnd I present to you a concept that these are extended neurological membranes.(Were not thinking.) Are they thinki ng?Do you know that girl?EnglishVery, very bad for economies and companies and cities in our present paradigm.I am not think ing.EnglishAnd what I now present to you is an excerpt from a book in progress.I want to go home.Are you visiting your parents next weekend?(He isnt thinking.) Is she think ing?She is not standing.

(She isnt thinking.) Is it think ing?She is not think ing.Im living in Moscow for a few months.He / kampanjkod motoaction she / it is playing.Is he / she / it playing?EnglishHere's this guy: "There are many men in Dawson at the present time who feel keenly disappointed.The weather is improving.My father is smoking too much.He is constantly complaining about his brother.